Weight Loss

More than half of all American adults are overweight and an estimated 300,000 deaths a year are attributed to diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. Fliss Laser and Chiropractic understands that making the decision to address your weight is an important first step towards a healthier lifestyle. Unfortunately, many people doubt their ability to shed pounds permanently. This statistic is astounding considering obesity is both preventable and curable.

Your brain is your command center. It tells your body what to do by way of nerves which travel down your spinal cord into your fingers and toes. Nerves throughout your body provide information back to your brain about position, sensations and pain. Your spine protects this highway of information being sent to and from your brain and body. Any interruption of these signals can cause a traffic jam, which prevents your body from working at its optimal level. This can result in lower resistance to disease and can cause an overall loss of health.

Weight loss does not have to be difficult to face, whether its 20 pounds or 320 pounds. Chiropractic care should not be the sole factor in a weight-loss plan. However, Spinal adjustments restore the function of the nerves by moving the bones of the spine into proper alignment, removing any interference and clearing the path for the body to lose unwanted pounds.

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