What our patients have to say . . .

"I have been seeing Dr. Fliss for about 14 years. I was experiencing severe pain from sciatica which he was able to resolve. Started taking my whole family which included my 2 month old and my 2 year old and my wife.

Our 2 month old was very fussy suffering from colic. With just 1 treatment she was cured. I have always suffered from neck and back problems and Dr. Fliss did not hold out a lot of hope for my back problems as he was not able to get one portion of my back moving very well for some time. But he persevered and was finally able to get it moving again.

As for my children who are now 12 and 15 between them they only had 2 ear infections which we attribute to Dr. Fliss's good work."
- Jim Silva

"My very active 78 year old mother, who lives in Michigan, had been in and out of hospital emergency rooms numerous times over the course of several months, due to shortness of breath, extreme fatigue and very low blood pressure. Many tests were performed, and doctors were baffled because all the tests came back 'normal'. Unfortunately, the only thing they could do was send her home with no explanation. We were all so scared that she was having a heart attack...

I flew her down to see Dr. Fliss because of his extensive knowledge and sheer determination to find the cause of these types of issues. She was here for a week and during that time she received five straight days of adjustments, massages, and daily laser therapy on her upper neck and back area. She flew home and felt like a new woman—and in fact, had energy like she hadn't in months... she was so elated that she finally felt like herself!

Many doctors would have overlooked the fact that my mom had a childhood neck injury. Dr. Fliss determined that, because of the childhood injury, the nerves to her heart and lung areas were being compromised, and were the cause of the problems. Now, with regular chiropractic adjustments, she has felt better than she has in a long time. We are so grateful for the care and guidance we received from Dr. Fliss, and highly recommend his services."
- Kathy B, Bradenton, FL

"Dr. Fliss has provided amazing results with an issue I had for several years.
The office staff is also wonderful."
- Steve Lahood

"Periodically throughout my life I have been going to the chiropractor. Nothing has ever made me feel wonderful or really aligned except for when I began going to Fliss Chiropractic. He not only adjusts you with every visit, but they treat you with the K-Laser and a weekly massage to help with pain relief. Ever since my treatment at Fliss Chiropractic my gluten intolerance has ceded, my chest and mid back pain have gone away, and I no longer have restless nights. I am also an All-Star Cheerleader and am always putting stress on my back, but with good technique I am able to minimize any damage. The advantage of going to the chiropractor is that I am able to perform better and with more fluid technique. I would recommend Fliss Chiropractic to all of my friends, in fact I already have since my treatment 1 month ago. I always brag about my back improvement since my first visit!"
- Audrey Tappan

"I was referred to Dr. Fliss by my massage therapist.  I was suffering from a chronic neck issue for years.  My massage therapist said Dr. Fliss was the only doctor in town who knew how to deal with this particular problem.  Well, my therapist didn't lie.  Not only did Dr. Fliss fix my chronic neck issue, he dealt with other misalignments that were causing potential malfunctioning of my adrenals.  He is a true healer inside and out.  His knowledge of the workings of the body is extraordinary.  After all these years, I choose to continue going to him for monthly maintenance… it keeps me in great shape for tennis, swimming and soon- to- be- golf activities.  My neck is free and clear of impingement.
He's the man! "
- Adie Rubin

"I have been to several chiropractors in the past but never have I been to a more loving office staff with the combination of laser , massage, and adjustment for a much speedier result."
- Becky Schumann

"This office is filled with positive energy; each patient is treated as an individual friend to the practice... My fiance and I were really impressed with our first visit. Dr. Fliss is not only incredibly intuitive naturally, but his professionalism and education is extremely evident, which made us feel confident that he will help us with all of our chiropractic needs. He was thurough and educated both of us on what areas we were suffering and why. We look forward to our future visits with him.
(Thank you!)"
- Jessica C. Brady

"I was experiencing a great deal of pain when I first entered Dr. Fliss' office. The moment I walked in the door I knew I was in the right place. The staff was helpful and caring and I found pain relief after the first treatment. More important to me, Dr. Fliss takes the time to "educate" and give me the critical information I need to make the appropriate decisions regarding my health. I am very thankful that I was led to this office and these compassionate people. After suffering for many years, not only is the back pain gone, but I am a much healthier person."
- Barbara Milhoan

"You have the best staff ever: friendly, sweet, faith based, etc. I really look forward to coming - it feels like family. Add to that the best doctor in town and you have a winning combination. There is no one else in the state that I would trust with my spine. Thank you for your professionalism, your kindness and your patience in imparting information that could otherwise be overwhelming.
It is a joy to come here & I know I'm in the best of hands & hearts."
- Ann Besterfield

"Dr. Fliss your videos are an excellent educational tool. I use them for many of my clients in my practice as a massage therapist. I refer many of my clients to a chiropractor. You are the one who made me the massage therapist I am today. Many Thanks"
- KC Allwurden

"I never used an alarm clock in my life,
but I have been over sleeping and feeling rested for many mornings."
- Joe A.

"I've had neck pain and shoulder tension for years.
Dr. Fliss has helped my symptoms and brought back my range of motion."
- M.M.

"With one laser treatment I had 80% improvement.
I can dance and pick up my grandchildren."
- Jane R.

"I had tight breathing in the chest after heavy exercising
- gone after the first visit."
- J.A.

"My acne has cleared up in 5 visits."
- Ashley H.