More than 15 million American adults are diagnosed with mood disorders every year. Some people might have problems equating what they know about chiropractic services with treating depression. Studies have shown, however, that chiropractic care can help alleviate the symptoms of depression, sometimes quickly, and sometimes it might take awhile. In the case of depression it is possible to have one part of the nerve system called the sympathetic on overdrive. When this happens there is constriction of the blood vasculature through the body. If the blood vessels to the brain have decreased blood flow this can be one mechanism to cause depression and foggy thinking.

The effectiveness of mainstream medications like antidepressants should not be undermined. However, Successful relief of depressive symptoms like lack of energy, extreme sadness, low self-esteem and rumination can often be alleviated through positive and therapeutic touch, attention and human interaction--all administered in chiropractics.

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