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The Fliss Laser and Chiropractic staff cares about YOU! Treatments bring fast relief. They are not only fast but cost effective in relieving muscle, joint, nerve, and arthritic pain. Dr. Fliss has 30 years of experience with gentle chiropractic and massage therapy coupled with the newest state of the art laser light therapy to target and help your painful conditions from the very first day. Most people feel better immediately.

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Relieving your pain is our top priority

All patients come in for care with pain of the lower back, neck and even headaches. Most patients are surprised to discover that our gentle chiropractic treatment helps or eliminates their chronic health conditions. A majority of your health challenges and ageing conditions are not caused by age but are caused by nerve damage that you can't feel. Relieving your pain quickly and improving your overall health is our top priority. Now is the time for you start feeling 10 years younger.


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